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About Dekox

Dekox Technology Solutions was founded in 2007 in order to provide design, development, manufacturing, repair, training and consulting services in the fields of Information and Engineering Technology.

It is a part time single owner/operator run company which is located in the Gauteng Province, Boksburg, South Africa,

but also provides services throughout the country and to clients internationally.

About the owner

The owner, Clinton de Kock works full time in the education sector providing Curriculum Support and Development in the area of Electrical Technology to High School educators and learners across Gauteng.

He holds a Higher Diploma in Technical Education majoring in Electrical and Mechanical Technology with Engineering Graphics and Design. He has an added Honours Degree in Technology Education and numerous qualifications and certifications in IT, Safety, Industrial Control, and other.

A God serving family man with a passion for music, playing guitar, bass, and keyboards.

Clinton de Kock