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Repairs of Guitar and Bass Amplifiers

When it comes to amplifier repair, we does not discriminate! Repairs are available on all makes and models of amplifiers, tube or solid state.

We have a fully equipped workshop, with all the necessary electronic equipment for testing and repairing amplifiers and other gear.

We will use all reasonable endeavours to repair the amplifier and/or to remedy any faults on it as reported by the Customer. We will also endeavour to repair everything that may be of future concern.

We are unable to stock all spares. Spares that are not commonly used will therefore be drawn from other suppliers and we will use our best endeavours to ensure a swift delivery. Any repair is subject to availability of the necessary parts.

Intermittent faults can be very difficult to resolve, if at all. Work will only be accepted on the understanding that there is no guarantee of a successful outcome or if the fault re-occurs, then work will only continue at the customer's request and further expense.

When a quote estimate is able to be generated, but is rejected by the customer, there is a R250 minimum bench fee for amplifier and other electronic repairs. This covers the first part of labour which includes diagnosis and sometimes simple repairs.

Due to the highly technical and specialized nature of repairs, we regret that we are unable to always provide an estimated cost or an absolute completion time confirmation to customers who want to know, when units are booked in for repair. This is because sometimes other faults can only become apparent after other problems are resolved. However, we will contact you, should the repair EXCEED the following thresholds:

* Non-valve amp repairs: R800

* Valve amp repairs: R2200

In the event that the exceeding of the aforementioned costs are not acceptable, the customer will be liable for all costs of the work completed up to that point.

For example: If a non-valve amp costs R350 to repair, we will repair the amp without contacting you for approval, because the repair costs less than R800. However, if the repair costs more than R800, we will contact you, to clear the remainder of the repairs for your approval. In this latter context, if you choose not to go ahead with a repair above R800, you will still be liable for the amount of R800 for the work done so far.

Customers will be kept informed of any changes during the course of quoted work. Work will be suspended pending the receipt of further instructions. If the revised estimate has been refused or additional parts are no longer available, the Customer is liable for the full payment of the work that has been done to that point.