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Mods and Repairs of Guitar Pedals

Had a blowout on your guitar pedal, or just want to inject a slightly different flavour into your existing pedal?

Pedal Repairs

Repairs are carried out mainly on analogue foot stomp type guitar pedals. Due to the complexity, and often unobtainable parts for digital pedals and multi-effects units we tend to shy away from these type of repairs. However sometimes it might just be a small fixable problem that we can sort out, so contact us and we will confirm if its something we can take a look at.

We also carry out repairs on pedal power supply units.

Pedal Mods

There is a wealth of pedal mods out there on the Internet, so if something grabs your attention, contact us to work out a quote. We unfortunately do not carry out a custom “dream it up” mod services where you want your pedal to have a mod done to something you have dreamt up. The cost and time to you and us is not profitable. Rather come to us with a mod that you have come across that is well documented in terms of the exact component values to be change, added or removed. Give us the website/s and documentation and we will gladly do the rest for you.

Some mods out there that we can perform are:

Please note that we will not be held responsible for the result of any mod that did not turn out how you envisioned in terms of the sound / tone.

Do your homework first to see if the intended mod is something you are looking for before asking us to go ahead.

Be aware that any existing warranty on your pedal will be voided when a mod is carried out.